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Calculate the size of a DDplusPet indoor kennel for small dogs or cats.

Posted on1 Years ago

Designer kennels are designed to be integrated into home furnishings, but also to ensure proper rest for our furry friends. Therefore identifying the right size is of fundamental importance to offer them the best comfort.

The correct choice of kennel for your small dog or cat is as important as that of food. Often what misleads us is precisely the small size of our pet which, like its larger counterparts, needs its own space not only to enjoy proper rest, but also to move inside the kennel itself when it will spend more time there.

Open indoor kennels and closed outdoor kennels

Generally "open" kennels are those intended for internal use, while "closed" or "covered" kennels are intended for external use, therefore outdoors. Closed kennels must guarantee correct comfort and protection from atmospheric agents, in particular from heat, cold, rain and temperature changes. Precisely because they are placed outdoors, they require deeper and more constant cleaning, both to avoid dangerous parasitic settlements and to offer the pet a hygienically adequate environment.


The DDplus Pet indoor dog and cat beds are "open" and not covered like the outdoor ones, thus facilitating the size choice of the same, as there is no height restriction. Furthermore, this facilitates cleaning operations on the kennel and on the cushion (or mattress) supplied. By separating the bed from the cushion, it becomes easier to handle the elements using the most specific methods and tools for each of them.

After introducing the topic with this premise, let's talk about how to identify the correct size of the kennel for your special friend.


Considering the different breeds and types of dogs and cats with their related morphologies, among the various existing methods to identify the most reliable parameters, we have chosen the one that, in our opinion, is the most correct.


Let's start by identifying the dimensions that interest us, i.e. the length and width of the functional kennel, i.e. the internal padded/cushion part. To understand if the length of the cushion is compatible with the needs of our furry friend, we proceed as follows:


• Measure the length of his back, starting from his neck to the tip of his tail.


• Add 40% to this measurement, a percentage that compensates for the extension of the legs when the animal stretches (even if it normally sleeps curled up).


For example, if the length measured on the back is 42 cm, the necessary useful measurement will be: 42 cm x 1.4 = 58.8 cm. Therefore the long side of the cushion must be around 60 cm. The short side, considering the necessary proportions, must be around 40 cm.

In this specific case, all the models in the DDplusPet catalog are suitable for hosting your dog or cat friend.

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